Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily New Comic 9/27/2010

F Minus

I remember asking a bead store owner in 1989 "why you open a store???". "As far as I remember people always used beads", she said. True, but people consume gas, clothing, hot dogs and more and unfortunately I do not see as many Gaps or Nathans around as I used to. The comic seems to be referring to the old fashion Garment district days or does it???

I think back to the day Americans were Machinists and had trades, now perhaps we are more purveyors and more Importantly Crafters and Jewelry artists and beads now are just the muse. The creativity is the fall back, but nice to have a bead bank too :-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's underneath the service!

These are the base beads I talked about in my blog yesterday. Look how lonely and ordinary they are. One of the great aspects of the Czech bead industry, are the variety of colors, which are enhanced by their unique coatings, like the Picasso finish. There is no such thing as ugly beads!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everything Sells!!!!

At least that's what Dad always said and still does. Being a 3rd generation company(me) we have seen a varied array of product go through our doors. Sometimes they turnover fast, some may take a few years, then you have those items that either came in slightly defective or in a less desirable shape or color. Fashion is cyclical, so those "misfit" beads are just waiting for that special trend to find them a home. In this World/Internet economy its possible for that cycle to be skipped over.

Since we can't polish these beads into diamonds we might as well try to create something esoteric. We have taken Vintage Czech 18mm tusk beads, 12mm Japanese Vintage Chalk White Bi-cones, 10mm Round Czech Glass Beads(w/ugly blue cast) and 9mm pressed saucer job lots and made them into something unique.

If you a purveyor oF beads like me, take a look at the attached picture and maybe these beads can finally find a home.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Bead & Button June 2010(Part IV)

Work a right-angle weave frame around an art bead and suspend it from a herringbone necklace
By Maggie Roschyk

Featuring Turquoise Picasso Seed Beads Imported by York Novelty Import, Est. 1924

Laura McCabe's Dagger Bracelet (Part III)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exposure Exposure Exposure!!!! (Part 2)

Well whats a small company to do??? The communist agency that protected you for years is now gone(JABLONEX). I am not gonna create yet another brand name of Chinese Crystal. Lets see, there is Celestial, Cosmic, Celebrity and Chinarovski(I think the latter was a result of too many herbs). It appears its about the little bead niches in life and all you amazing bead artists and embellishers. Here are two examples:


Laura McCabe's Embellished Beadweaving: Jewelry Lavished with Fringe, Fronds, Lacework & More (Lark Books Beadweaving Master Class) [Hardcover]

Amazon.com link


Here Laura, whom is the sweetest and most talented person one could meet takes a departure from her glitzy past and dives back into beadweaving using less crystal and more earthy materials such as: japanese and Czech Seed beads, freshwater pearl and frosted glass beads(peacock to be specific). Before I talk about Laura's amazing new book, this is someone who almost single handedly brought back rivolis from the dead and created the opportunity for Yorkbeads to be a main supplier of 15/0 metallic plated Czech charlottes. Btw, as laura points out in her new book , only 15/0 Czech Charlottes are small enough to embezzle as Japanesse 15/0 runs much larger due to their bigger holes. Don't worry Laura finds many other uses for the japanese seed beads.

Here is my Amazon book review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Glitz is Over Rated this Book is not!!!, May 6, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Laura McCabe's Embellished Beadweaving: Jewelry Lavished with Fringe, Fronds, Lacework & More (Lark Books Beadweaving Master Class) (Hardcover)
First, I am in the bead business so I am biased. Most of us do not get to walk down the red carpet. Crystals are way too over rated!!! In this book, Laura uses Japanese and Czech seed beads to accent natural materials and frosted(matte) glass, as in her "Nudibranch Bracelet"(page 83). Laura states, "embellish means to decorate, to enhance, to add beauty through ornamentation or fanciful details". The components are not the star, but the artist is. Laura's jewelry can be worn at your local coffee shop or at your most cherished event. Either way, they make you feel unique, not one of the crowd. Thanks Laura.

the "nudibranch Bracelet" is featured on the back cover and uses a plentiful amount of peacock Matte black AB daggers. Laura also uses our tutti frutti peacock dagger as well as a 10mm pressed black ab peacock coin(will post a picture later, Laura gave me permission)

2-Bead N Button June 2010
Issue #97

i never met Maggie Roschyk, but through a customer using our Czech Picasso turquoise seed beads Maggie is
the COVER STORY: Framed!
Work a right-angle weave frame around an art bead and suspend it from a herringbone necklace. CONGRATULATIONS MAGGIE

These are two examples of small niche products with "bigger potential" thanks to bead enthusiasts like you!

Exposure Exposure Exposure!!!! (Part I)

Sort of like Chain Chain Chain!!!!! Yes, too much Chain and metal these days seems to hurting the bead Industry Bottom line if you have not heard, the famous JABLONEX has been liquidated, out of here, finito!! with Preciosa buying up the prime pieces. Namely, Ornela, the seed bead manufacturer, Zasada the glass rod maker and more. The so called JABLONEX brand will be phased out slowly with new advertising by Preciosa/Ornela starting up soon in Bead N Button. The funny thing here that nobody knew is that Swarovski owned 25% of Jablonex. People use to tell me when Swarovski huffed Preciosa would shiver. Well, those days are over.How did this happen????

JABLONEX, nobody ever knew what they were: A factory, a government agency, a brand or an agent. An insider told me, by the time they tried to brand themselves it was too late. Exposure is key. Preciosa never had that problem. They seemed to ride the coat tails of the Swarovski renaissance of the nineties just fine. Another Insider had said to me, Swarovski needs Preciosa the same was Microsoft needs Apple. Competition keeps the monopoly regulators happy. Except, with crystal, you can throw that out the window: China!!!! Apple and Microsoft can manufacture in China and can control their brand, quality w/o much(relatively) infringement.
I guess you really can't patent a crystal or a bead, its been around for centuries.

I just think Swarovski had to let go of their Czech/JABLONEX presence. China was and is causing so much havoc that did they really care about Preciosa anymore. The fire polish business is too limited and seed beads were just a hassle. Actually, two weeks ago somebody actually told me they saw Chinese crystal that were nicer than Swarovski: metallic colors to be specific. Swarovski is diverse and a marketing machine even if glitz is dead, they will throw their sparkles in your face regardless!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am not going to Jared on Vday


Before I get started I did go to Teusher Chocolates(my wife's favorite).We love the chocolate pralines, and its a 10 minute walk from the office(Rockefeller Center). Advantage of NYC living.

Mentioned Jared above as I've been seeing frequently since Xmas their commercials featuring Pandora venetian style glass beads(w/Silver core) and metal beads. Instead of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

So if Pandora is the new Diamond why has nobody on 37th Street heard of it. I spoke to Swarovski dealers in Tucson whom were just recently aware of the fad. Its simple, "charming" and fun yet how many bead sores really carry these beads??? They are pricey but you can buy Pandora style beads from China very afford ably. It reminds me when I was around 17 and my Dad was selling the add-a-bead items: Flower beads and gold plated brass beads on the base of a simple gold chain. York sold a ton to craft chains(no longer in business). Will we see Pandora in Michael's store soon(they seem to sell everything now). Seems to me Pandora is marketed direct to the consumer(like Diamonds).

We at Yorkbeads seem to like our beads more complicated these days. Lots of coating and multi tone colors. Our customer make them even more unique via bead weaving and other beading techniques. Yet, a beaded item made with care(probably valuing your time costs the same) will never make it to Jared.

Maybe next Xmas!

Thanks for listening(and beading)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Facebook and Beads

Hello again,

As you know I just came back from Tucson. Besides the plentiful selection of beads, what makes Tucson special is that it's a melting pot for bead purveyors and artists from all over the world. As a 3rd generation Bead man, I tend to ask myself "how do I fit in here?" I am not a designer and many others know more about general bead knowledge than I. Swarovski, semiprecious and findings -- I know the basics, but that's it. Lets face it, putting a trade bead on a piece of leather is as far as my Jewelry Design knowledge goes. While In Tucson I met wonderful people like Sherry and Homer who all exchanged Facebook addresses w/o hesitation. Really, is this what I want to do? Beads and the Bead business is sort of personal to me. After taking the plunge with Sherry and Homer I realized sharing is essential to the life of a bead or product. I created a business page as well (if done incorrectly I'll know soon). Immediately
customers like Shelley showed me their designs with our beads.

My job is to create create color, shape and essence but others complete those characteristics with their finished products. Lets hear it for Facebook and all the bead publications which publish the artists' work. But where other than Facebook can you learn about people's personal lives and social activities? The beads are personal yes, but so are the people behind them. Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bead Mirage in the Tucson Desert(Live from Tucson)

Hello All,

I've been traveling to Tucson for 20 years. As far as the bead business goes, never seen anything like it. Miles and Miles of booths of beads. Instead of a cactus or a tumbleweed you will more likely see a river of freshwater pearls a sparkle of Swarovski Crystal or mountains of semiprecious stone.
Only problem after awhile all beads seems to be the same." WE WANT SOMETHING NEW" they cry. This year at our booth at the TO BEAD TRUE BLUE show we are featuring tables of farfalle, our butterfly seed beads, and peacock daggers(the dagger with the flair of a necktie). This seems to be a show stopper as our tables become a mess as they get garbled up. If you are not in Tucson please check them all out at www.yorkbeads.com