Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's underneath the service!

These are the base beads I talked about in my blog yesterday. Look how lonely and ordinary they are. One of the great aspects of the Czech bead industry, are the variety of colors, which are enhanced by their unique coatings, like the Picasso finish. There is no such thing as ugly beads!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everything Sells!!!!

At least that's what Dad always said and still does. Being a 3rd generation company(me) we have seen a varied array of product go through our doors. Sometimes they turnover fast, some may take a few years, then you have those items that either came in slightly defective or in a less desirable shape or color. Fashion is cyclical, so those "misfit" beads are just waiting for that special trend to find them a home. In this World/Internet economy its possible for that cycle to be skipped over.

Since we can't polish these beads into diamonds we might as well try to create something esoteric. We have taken Vintage Czech 18mm tusk beads, 12mm Japanese Vintage Chalk White Bi-cones, 10mm Round Czech Glass Beads(w/ugly blue cast) and 9mm pressed saucer job lots and made them into something unique.

If you a purveyor oF beads like me, take a look at the attached picture and maybe these beads can finally find a home.