Friday, November 20, 2009

Who Says You Can't take it with You? (The Beads I mean)

1987 I graduated college and came into the family business. Yes, the Bead business. Like any other newbie, I wondered who uses these?, where do they keep all their extras?, or what to they do with that! All I know is Beaders love their beads. I am still answering these questions, but I have heard of good uses for shoe boxes, tackle boxes(I did not know beaders like to fish) ,and boy I would hate to be the one cleaning under you beds:-).

Well here is another suggestion for you die hard beaders: A "String-me-along" portable beading workstation(see our just arrived items). Its a small pouch or handbag which contains a soft mat to bead on, and a detachable project bag for your materials. The detachable bag is sold separately, so you can flip-flop your daily beading flavor. This is a must for travel, and is designed by a mother and daughter team who shares your passion for beads.

Now you can take them with you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bead Inspiration For Men and Women(Peacock Daggers)

I am a lucky guy. Sometimes I forget. I am involved in a creative, high fashion industry w/o any fashion background and two non crafty thumbs. Besides my business degree and my minor in spanish, I have been given access to the old world Bohemian Bead Industry. I've learned about color, manufacturing technology and of course products demanded by designers and craftsmen alike. Recently, our customers and myself have grown fond of our peacock daggers. The array of colors and effects just add a dimension to this popular accent bead.

One day while putting together a new color combination, I came to the funny conclusion it's sort of like designing a Man's tie: the multitude of colors, stripes, spots and overall combinations. After a overdue trip for a suit and perhaps seeing too many Men's Warehouse commercials, I've come up with this motto:

"There is a tie for every man and a dagger for every bead project"!

Your gonna love the way you bead :-)