Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am not going to Jared on Vday


Before I get started I did go to Teusher Chocolates(my wife's favorite).We love the chocolate pralines, and its a 10 minute walk from the office(Rockefeller Center). Advantage of NYC living.

Mentioned Jared above as I've been seeing frequently since Xmas their commercials featuring Pandora venetian style glass beads(w/Silver core) and metal beads. Instead of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

So if Pandora is the new Diamond why has nobody on 37th Street heard of it. I spoke to Swarovski dealers in Tucson whom were just recently aware of the fad. Its simple, "charming" and fun yet how many bead sores really carry these beads??? They are pricey but you can buy Pandora style beads from China very afford ably. It reminds me when I was around 17 and my Dad was selling the add-a-bead items: Flower beads and gold plated brass beads on the base of a simple gold chain. York sold a ton to craft chains(no longer in business). Will we see Pandora in Michael's store soon(they seem to sell everything now). Seems to me Pandora is marketed direct to the consumer(like Diamonds).

We at Yorkbeads seem to like our beads more complicated these days. Lots of coating and multi tone colors. Our customer make them even more unique via bead weaving and other beading techniques. Yet, a beaded item made with care(probably valuing your time costs the same) will never make it to Jared.

Maybe next Xmas!

Thanks for listening(and beading)


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