Saturday, February 13, 2010

Facebook and Beads

Hello again,

As you know I just came back from Tucson. Besides the plentiful selection of beads, what makes Tucson special is that it's a melting pot for bead purveyors and artists from all over the world. As a 3rd generation Bead man, I tend to ask myself "how do I fit in here?" I am not a designer and many others know more about general bead knowledge than I. Swarovski, semiprecious and findings -- I know the basics, but that's it. Lets face it, putting a trade bead on a piece of leather is as far as my Jewelry Design knowledge goes. While In Tucson I met wonderful people like Sherry and Homer who all exchanged Facebook addresses w/o hesitation. Really, is this what I want to do? Beads and the Bead business is sort of personal to me. After taking the plunge with Sherry and Homer I realized sharing is essential to the life of a bead or product. I created a business page as well (if done incorrectly I'll know soon). Immediately
customers like Shelley showed me their designs with our beads.

My job is to create create color, shape and essence but others complete those characteristics with their finished products. Lets hear it for Facebook and all the bead publications which publish the artists' work. But where other than Facebook can you learn about people's personal lives and social activities? The beads are personal yes, but so are the people behind them. Thanks for sharing.


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