Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bead Inspiration For Men and Women(Peacock Daggers)

I am a lucky guy. Sometimes I forget. I am involved in a creative, high fashion industry w/o any fashion background and two non crafty thumbs. Besides my business degree and my minor in spanish, I have been given access to the old world Bohemian Bead Industry. I've learned about color, manufacturing technology and of course products demanded by designers and craftsmen alike. Recently, our customers and myself have grown fond of our peacock daggers. The array of colors and effects just add a dimension to this popular accent bead.

One day while putting together a new color combination, I came to the funny conclusion it's sort of like designing a Man's tie: the multitude of colors, stripes, spots and overall combinations. After a overdue trip for a suit and perhaps seeing too many Men's Warehouse commercials, I've come up with this motto:

"There is a tie for every man and a dagger for every bead project"!

Your gonna love the way you bead :-)


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