Monday, October 26, 2009

Job Lots

I entered the "Bead Business" in 1987 and many of the customers would ask "do you have any job lots". We always had a few but it was never our focal point. Job Lots was the term used in the Czech Republic for overruns of production orders. They were a great way to get a vast variety of beads without having to buy the mass(1200) production minimum would that be 10,25 or 50 mass.
Generally, Job Lots were per bead always a better price but in truth that really depended on size and color. Small sizes like 3 and 4mm were a great deal cause many mass made a kilo and then sometime colors like tortoise or Cheyenne Pink were as well cause they were a more expensive glass. With the downfall of communism and the upgrade to capitalism Job Lots have also become a thing of the past. This does not mean that they do not exist at all, as close outs, which is what a job lot signifies will always be. Lets just say they are harder to find, more pricey than ever and more likely to exist with imperfect beads. So that story aside we are offering starting 10/26/09 on our website a free kilo of a mixed Czech Job Lot with every web order. The picture posted will tell the story. Will be a $40.00 value of simple beads with exotic glass bead sprinkled in the mix. We hope it will be of value to you.

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