Friday, November 20, 2009

Who Says You Can't take it with You? (The Beads I mean)

1987 I graduated college and came into the family business. Yes, the Bead business. Like any other newbie, I wondered who uses these?, where do they keep all their extras?, or what to they do with that! All I know is Beaders love their beads. I am still answering these questions, but I have heard of good uses for shoe boxes, tackle boxes(I did not know beaders like to fish) ,and boy I would hate to be the one cleaning under you beds:-).

Well here is another suggestion for you die hard beaders: A "String-me-along" portable beading workstation(see our just arrived items). Its a small pouch or handbag which contains a soft mat to bead on, and a detachable project bag for your materials. The detachable bag is sold separately, so you can flip-flop your daily beading flavor. This is a must for travel, and is designed by a mother and daughter team who shares your passion for beads.

Now you can take them with you!

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