Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Tis the Season for 'Inspikeration'

Well it's December. The Xmas lights are out, a lot of unfinished bead projects are laying around the house as thoughts are diverted to family, friends and festivities. I was thinking it was a good time for some eggnog or 'Spiked' eggnog and some 'Inspikeration', which basically means some bead reflection and hymns.

There are now four sizes of spikes on the market: 5x8mm,5x13mm,7x17mm and 12x18mm, with 2 more variations on their way soon, if the bead elves allow. is very pleased with the Facebook Bohemian Spike Beadwork group we started. A special thanks to Kerrie Slade for her administrative and 'cleaning the chimneys work', but more importantly a show of gratitude to all the spike beadwork from Kerrie and ALL talented artists around the world. 

It's a pleasure seeing posts from all over the world, all using the same emerging bead product. The diversity of uses and techniques, as well as the array of color choices is awesome to observe. To share the joy, we are sharing some great holiday ornament designs with spikes from around the globe. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.


  1. I just LOVE spike beads! I just don't really know how to use them in beadweaving! I love all of these projects. Do you have tutorials on how to make them?

    xox krys

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