Monday, August 13, 2012

Czech Bohemian Gumdrop Beads

Spikes have been moving along nicely! The October 2012 issue of Bead and Button will feature them on the cover with the caption "Add drama to your designs". My middle name is David not drama but there are always challenges in establishing a new product. We have added sizes 5x8mm and 12x18mm and we are building a color selection in these new sizes, especially the 5x8mm which seems to mix seemlessly with beadwork. Although we try to put our face on this new product by no means do we believe we invented this shape. It has existed in other forms such as metal and stone,and we have seen evidence of glass spikes from West Germany and Czechoslovakia. The current Czech spike you see in the marketplace is the result of a friendship and business relationship of almost 25 years between an American bead importer and his Czech expediter. Thinking about the creation of the spike, I wondered what else we could produce, even if not so edgy, that could influence beadwork. Somehow, like a craving, a picture of fruity gumdrop candy appeared in my mind. Unlike a cabochon these gumdrops have a hole at the base for ease of use, and extend 10mm high with a base diameter of 7mm. Because they are pressed they are produced affordably and can come in many juicy colors and finishes. We have just started our production but hope they satisfy your craving for unusual beads to enhance your designs. Thanks to many bead artists, some I have known for years and others I have met through their work with spikes, for their exceptence and appreciation of these beads. Much effort has been made, especially by my friend Jaromir, to bring these beads to life. Your work gives us much satisfaction. Pbeads

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  1. At first, I wasn't that thrilled about this bead shape. But then I saw Kerri Slade's acorn bracelet using these. Theses gumdrops looked perfect as acorns!