Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Every bead counts , especially these days. If you do not know we sold the building(Dad did), and we had to take 10,000 square feet and consolidate them into 6,000 square feet of beads (also desk, computers, etc). You may not think we have that much space now but we have the whole basement below us. It is complicated task, consolidating lots of odd lots of inventory into an older and smaller space of shelves, making them accesible to fill orders. Shelving location codes really do help!! Its nice knowing what we have, no matter how much i think i can remember every bead. Can really see my 25 year bead reflection through this process. Why did I buy this, why did this not sell, oh that is ugly.Humbling experience indeed, but i do look forward to some new beads in my future!!


  1. Sorry you had to move! I hate moving. But at least you got to see everything you have :D And I look forward to more beads.

  2. thanks Joann, just saw this, yes we did see some things!!