Friday, February 18, 2011

People and Places are Vintage Too!!!

Hello All,

First want to thank all of you who came to visit us in Tucson. Phil and I had a great time!
Surprisingly a few people came up to me and asked "why don't I blog more". Easy answers are: Time, Inspiration and Time. Time is a funny thing in the bead business. I have bought many a bead book over my 25 years in the business. One thing that amazed me was the documentation, or sample cards even, from companies that no longer existed. These were relevant companies in their day(or time). What happened??? Where did they go, did they reform into a new entity, more Importantly why did they vanish: technology, family hardship or did they just plain retire or close up shop. The Internet, social media, bead making technology and most Important, you, the bead artist, or purveyor, has changed over time. York Novelty or is changing too.

We are getting rid of the Old Offices and working on new Ones. We are rediscovering the old beads and re coating them into new, as well as searching out all the new coating and technologies of today.

Will keep you posted....


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