Friday, June 26, 2009

What is wholesale???

Wholesale, distributor, retail pricing: Its all very confusing in this Internet age. As a direct Importer and distributor of Czech Beads, we are giving the majority of the public first access to this vast web of Bohemian technology and expertise. Regardless of price point our website is wholesale
supplying you beads based on units such as mass(1200 pieces) or kilogram(2.2 lbs).Our decision to sell beads in smaller fractions of the aforementioned units only helps stress the variety that is offered in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. If our customer chooses to sell the same beads by the dozen or the gram at what is called "wholesale" pricing they too are creating accessibility.

We have revised the requirements to purchase from this website to fuel, rather than hinder this wholesale environment. If you are not already a YORK customer you can apply by filling out an application on our homepage. If you are currently a customer we look forward to continue serving you.


Perry D Bookstein



  1. I am glad to see these changes. The blur that has been created between wholesale and retail has put many people out of business. This is a change for the better, Perry and I am excited to see it!

  2. Flexibility in smaller quantities per item, therefore being able to offer customers extensive varieties of finishes, colors,color mixes, sizes and shapes while keeping within their budgets for Czech glass makes my involvement with York attractive to every business owner I contact. Thank you! Susan Law