Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How a Garden or a Bead Collection Grows

Following up to my last blog, International Bead Espionage, and admiring bead work from around the world, its amazing how prolific all artist are. Have been admiring the work of or the Warrior Queen and her Midnight Garden collection, where all work is based on a constant seed bead base. I have been honored that she has accented her garden with some innovative Czech beads.Building a garden, or a stock base or a bead collection takes time and perseverance. Beads do not grow on trees and needles do not come with remote control. Have been working on my aged striped seed bead collection myself. Although uses mostly modern materials it pays homage to the beads of the past, more notably trade beads, which i grew up with(more on that later). Come take a limited peak of the Midnight Garden and our aged stripe beads at Bead and Button, booth 1109, next week or can see some postings at my facebook page. . Hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

International Bead Espionage

Hello Bead Friends Worldwide, Its amazing how the push of a button on your keyboard has change how we are all connected by our favorite muse: BEADS. Although, the sty-lings around the world are diverse the common bonds or beads are similar. I imagine many beaders sitting back in their comfy zone or couch or chair working intently at their art. I see many beaders around the world loving the NEW Tila, Twin, superduo beads, as well as many classic materials. Kudos to Steven Weiss of Beadsmith fame for work for the Facebook competition: Battle of the Beadsmith. This is a International bead competition celebrating bead work from over 60 countries with 80 participants. Although it is a competition with a discerning group of judges, it is more a celebration of what we all share. That being said my eyes have been scouring the internet and have noticed how our new spike beads, has reached and flourished across the Atlantic: Kerrie Slade
Kerrie, has been "spiking up" her "Midnight Garden" with the Czech glass spikes. Her garden is based on a discipline use of using one color Black Diamond AB seed beads but has allowed her imagination to work on shapes and textures she may never have attempted. Kerrie is from Nottinghamshire UK, the home of Robin Hood lore. She has "stolen" or secured her own place in the forest, with out any use for green tones, and made the spike feminine yet strong with her Thorn Flower Pattern. Spikes can be obtained in the UK at Stichcraft, her garden lore as spread to Germany where spikes are available at seerperlen .I feel a little bit like Robin Hood myself now, so email me at and will try to share your experiences with the spike beads. Perry